Preview of Team Building the Yong Tau Foo Way

Fishball group

Some pictures taken during the preview on 17th April at NYGH Boarding School.

Here’s what some of them say:

“Good, attended a lot of sessions like this, but this is very COOL and believe participants absorb MOST.” – Alson, Singcapital

“I enjoyed myself and it’s very fun ie not boring. Hope to join you in other workshops” – Fion

“It was indeed a very enjoyable preview session. You use “down-to-earth” examples that I can relate to. I think it will definitely be useful for the students.” – Shirley, NYGH

“Thanks. I can relate more to Yong Tau Foo than the 4 elements for team building. Hope to attend more from you. ” – Sandy, NYGH

“Excellent” – Alfred, Singcapital

“Well done! The session is very interesting and “solid’. Lots of thoughts and interesting stories. All the best!” – Seck Moy, NYGH

“It’s interesting to use “Yong Tau Foo” to describe the various characteristics of people. It’s more local and easy to understand and capture. Speaker is very lively and passionate person. I enjoy myself and was having fun.” – Jesprine

“Using ‘Yong Tau Foo’ is very localised. Interesting workshop. Good to have more in-depth sharing on the myths”. – Jean, Singcapital’s chilli

“It was interesting and very different approach to knowing oneself with a local flavour.” – Sherley, STA Travel

“Great! Very interesting and resourceful.”

“It leaves me with a gd perspective. Your examples and clips are very real and speaks the reality. Well done”

“Nice talk and nice experiences shared. However it would be good if more hands-on activities are implemented.”

“Excellent learning journey for your team building experience.’

“Nice talk and lots of related clips to further enhance teamwork.”

“Good effort. Keep following your dreams” – JJ, asknlearn

One reply to “Preview of Team Building the Yong Tau Foo Way

  1. Thank you for sharing the different ingredients (characters) of ‘yong-tau-foo’ in team building.

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