Team Building at Nanyang Girls’ High

A session on team building the Yong Tau Foo Way (TM) was conducted for about 50 monitors from the school. Here’re some of the comments/feedback by the girls. The participants are from Sec 1 to 4.

– Interesting course, compared to the rest, this has “local flavour”. 😀 many interesting examples, funny and a lot of humour 🙂

– The presentation was informative and very interesting. The video clips were nice too!

– Enlightened me on what personality type I am.

– Interesting description for the different types of people instead of those normal, typical kinds. Nice to note that even different food types can be used to describe people.

– This talk is really interesting and it enlightened me on my personality type so that I can work on my strong points to make up for my bad points!

– Interesting and engaging! Helpful in allowing me to understand myself as a leader better!

– It’s a very entertaining talk. Helps me realise a lot of things about forming a team. Informative. Engaging. Allowed learning through experience. –Sec 4s

– Overall it was interesting and insightful and good use of real examples to project points. Convincing!

– The course was great and I feel that I have learnt so much more about myself through the 4 ingredients of Yong Tau Foo thing!

– This training is PRETTY FUN, EXCITING and INTERESTING! It helps me a lot, expecially when the speaker talks about the different personalities. I hope to have more of this training. Enjoyed it a LOT. – Grace 108

– It is a very good and interesting presentation. I’ve learnt a lot from it. Clips are even included to make it more interesting. 🙂

– The training is very relevant and interesting. The training is useful and easy to apply.

– The training is REALLY INTERESTING! Very Beneficial! ~ Shi Chen

– The training was very useful! I’ve learnt a lot from it! Thanks!

– Yay. Good presentation. Enriching, fun and interesting. A questionaire that assess your personality instead of self assessment.

– Very “localised” concept of defining personality types. Relevant, real-life examples. Thought provoking.

– It has been an interesting and humourous talk. Definitely beneficial and would help me in the long run. I’m a BITTERGOURD! Way to go Bittergourd!

– The training was very interesting and the videos were very useful.

– It is interesting with a variety of video clips to watch and examples of real life people. I managed to find out what kind of person I am. I enjoyed the programme thoroughly -Ling Ting (105)

– Very Interesting. Beneficial. It has interesting video clips. I enjoyed it.

– Hi! I like this course because it’s very original and thus interesting!

– Hi! I think your talk was quite entertaining and I have learnt the different kinds of personality.

– This has helped me understand a lot more about true leadership. Thank you.

– This training is truly meaningful and entertaining. I have learnt a lot from this training, especially team building. – Wan Li-

– Informative presentation, learnt quite a lot! Enjoyable too 😀

– I’ve learnt more about myself and working with people of different personalities! Thisprogramme is useful in getting to know people better 😀

– It is an interesting and engaging talk. I enjoy being and knowing that I am a fishball.

– Powerpoint slides were entertaining; Facilitator was interesting and engages the audience; Learnt a lot of relevant things.

– Let me see myself in a different light. FISHBALL FTW.

– Haha the presentation was very funny and easy to understand, appeals to students as it is easy to understand. I like! : )

– Thk you for spending yr time and coming here. I think that this session is really useful for me as I’ve learned how to work better with others. Thk you very much. I realy enjoyed it! 😀

– Aims & objectives were met…! Enlightening : ) & effective!

– Good! Very interesting (with the clips and all) and the approach is very unique (using Yong Tau Foo to understand)

– It was really FUN! Especially with all the video clips… Andthe FISHBALL, CHILLI,BEE HOON & BITTERGOURD Thing was really cool & interesting. -Cassmain –

– Meaningful, helpful. It taught me a great deal and it was entertaining and interesting 😀

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