Preview for Gifted Education teachers

A preview of Team Building the Yong Tau Foo Way (TM) was organised by Gifted Education branch for a group of 24 teachers teaching GE in primary schools on 29th July 2008. The session was held in GE branch, MOE at Grange Road. The teachers were from:

ACS (Primary)
Catholic High School (Primary)
Henry Park Primary School
Nan Hua Primary School
Nanyang Primary School
Raffles Girls’ Primary School
Rosyth School
St Hilda’s Primary School
Tao Nan School

Some feedback from the organiser:

“I really enjoyed the video-clips you used to illustrate your points.  Your examples and anecdotes were also very relevant.  Generally, the pace of the session was just right; there was a good mix of ‘teacher-talk’ and activity.

– the messages delivered through the session were relevant, e.g. there is diversity of skills present in a group, that one should harness one’s strengths etc.
– there was concern that the profiling might lead to stereotyping and pigeon-holing; that
pupils might get carried away with what they are (bee hoon etc) and
fail to learn the more important messages behind the profiling
– there should be opportunities for application of skills learnt so that pupils do not just gain ‘head knowledge’
– the workshop would be useful in creating self-awareness amongst pupils; It could also include teaching of practical skills and strategies for teambuilding, e.g. managing conflicts etc.

Thank you so much for doing the sharing during the meeting.  Your enthusiasm for what you’re doing is very inspiring.”

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