For teachers at GSWP

A session was conducted on 17th March 2009 for a group of teachers who attended Oracle’s Education Foundation programme on “Getting Started with Projects”.  Besides learning how to use Thinkquest e-platform, the teachers from Bukit Timah Primary, St Margaret’s Primary and NUS High School were also given tips on how to build good and strong teams using “Yong Tau Foo” profiles of Chilli, Bittergourd, Fishball and Bee Hoon.

Let’s hear what the teachers have to say after the session:

“The sharing was interesting. It would be ideal if we can get a copy of the slides. Didn’t know that food can be used in this way too!”

The concept of using “Yong Tau Foo” is pretty new idea for me. I think it fits the local cultures well.”

“Interesting concept; very localised; makes us more aware of the constraints while forming groups”

“Interesting concept; Interesting and clear presentation by Ms Pin Lay. Fruitful sharing on Yong Tau Foo Team Building’s content and concept. Well done. Thanks for your good effort.” – Ms Soo LL, Bt Timah Primary

“The team bonding course was a great eye-opener for the teachers from Bt Timah Primary School. Everyone is different and useful in one way or another.”

“I thought that the 4 different Yong Tau Foo used were very appropriate and can give the pupils a good understanding of what kind of team player they are. It is also useful for teachers to group pupils with different personalities together.”


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