Griffith Primary – Brunei Trip Preparation

As part of the preparation for upcoming Brunei trip, a team building session based on 4 Yong Tau Foo elements was conducted for a group of some 20 students from Griffith Primary on 9th Oct 2009. The session was about 2 hours with the students actively participating in their respective groups of Chilli, Fishball, Bittergourd and BeeHoon.  Having taught mainly secondary school students, the primary students were a lively and knowledgeable bunch who quickly grasped the terminologies and worked well together.

BitterGourd Boys@Griffith Primary
BitterGourd Boys@Griffith Primary

Here are some of their feedback after the session:

‘This session is fun and the videos are funny. My group all think negatively.” – Ahmad

“It is fun and enjoyable. I look forward to the next session.” – Norlah Adli

“The session is quite god and funny. I know more about Brunei.” – Nazirul

“I really liked this lesson because it is very enjoyable and had fun activities to do.” – Ikmal

“It is very fun! It helps in team building. It is SUPERB!” – Seow Min

“The activity are fun. This session is good. I look forward to the trip. I have learnt about Brunei.” – Khairul

“I really enjoyed the session today as I had a lot of fun.” M.Ikram

“It is very fun but it is too long. I learn that teamwork is important for overseas trips with friends.” – Claudia

“The session is fun and enjoyable. The teacher is also cheerful.” – Tiara

“I really liked this session because it is fun and enjoyable. I hope I can go Brunei safely. I learnt to be responsible too.” – Hazikha

“The briefing was very interesting and good.” – Nur Rafiqah

“The briefing was very good and I look forward to MORE of this. The information given was sufficient. The briefing brought us closer to others. I hope the trip will be a success!’ – Khairiah Izzati

“The programme was fun. Hopefully everything went perfectly. I just can’t wait for the trip. It was totally fun.” Nur Zokiah

“The programme was very good because I had fun. Hopefully with this programme I may learn more about Brunei. I have learnt how to work as a team.” – Raudhah

“I like this session. I think it’s gonna be a success because I know everyone and I had fun on this session.” – Azizi

“I like the teacher. She is very nice and I like the lessons about everything we learn today! I wish we have a great trip to Brunei. I wish everybody is not lost and lost anything they have. I had an enjoyable lesson!” – Hanisa

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