MGS – Eastern Europe Trip – 28 Oct 2009

The Chilli
The Chilli

A session was conducted for the 38 Sec 3 girls from Methodist Girls’ School who are going for the Eastern Europe trip. The girls were introduced to the Yong Tau Foo characters – Chilli, Fishball, Bittergourd and BeeHoon. They had a chance to know a little about themselves and the friends going for the trip.

Here’re the feedback from the girls:

I think that the teambuilding workshop was helpful as I was able to interact with people from other classes and get to know them better. I also understand my friends’ personalities so that I can interact with them better. I felt that it was interesting and kept my attention throughout the entire workshop through the videos and activities.

It was fun and interesting. Liked the movie clips and real life stories 🙂

Very interesting. It’s personal and not boring like other talks that aren’t very useful or interesting. It’s good.

Awesome! Keep it up! I will keep up my character and keep building it up:)

This session was very good and helped me be able to relate better to my friends and to understand them.

I think the session was very engaging and interesting. It was a good preparatory experience before the trip to help us to get to know others from different classes to help us have fun and make the trip successful.

Interesting, interactive. Managed to bring the point across effectively.

I didn’t like the vidoes. I HATE Charlie Brown. It is demeaning and pathetic the way Lucy and Charlie interact. There wasn’t that much team buidling either. It was mostly personality and learning to understand yourself. Other than that it was good. I liked the instructor. She was nice.

Examples were well explained. Stories are very interesting.

I liked and enjoyed this session greatly.

I think that this session allowed me to understand more about the people going along with me on this trip and some of the problems that we may face in this trip.

The workshop was interesting, however, maybe more activities can be planned. I enjoyed it! – Gong Xing Xing 3T

I think this course was rather interesting and engaging & we got a chance to know each other’s personality better.

It was interesting and fresh. The speaker was also very funny and able to address issues in a friendly manner. Nice time 🙂

Very interesting. I am able to find out different personalities in a very fun way. I think the presentation was very enjoyable and the videos were interesting to watch. – Christy Tan

Very interesting new perspective. Really touched our personalities. Relevant examples that kept our attention throughout the workshop. Good length, not too long, got the message across. – Alison 3G

I had fun learning about myself and my groupmates the “Yong Tau Foo” way. It was interesting and fun and made me aware of the different types of personalities. I feel that games could have been added to enhance the group bonding.

It was okay, quite interesting. But not much activities on team building, only personality. Rock On.

It was fun and it was a new concept and I thought was very creative. Nice session. Fishballs rule 🙂

Interesting 🙂 But no team building 😦

Generally engaging. But we should mix around with everyone and not only with our own group.

I don’t think it helped. After all, it’s called “team-bonding” but there was no bonding.

Yong Tau Foo is Cool 🙂

I found the talk quite interesting and the concept of Yong Tau Foo is novel 🙂

Very enjoyable the session today. One of the best sessions I’ve ever attended.

Perhaps a longer session would be cooler ha ha 🙂 Very good speaker who is filled with much energy and passion! Thank you for coming over to spend your time with us 🙂

Interesting session – know more about the different personalities, understanding one another, learn how to work well with different personalities and be more wary on the trip.

I think the workshop was quite interesting and the Yong Tau Foo method of classification was very novel. The qualities of each ingredient in the Yong Tau Foo was a good analogy for personal characteristics.

It was interesting and helped me understand others in the group better.

It was great learning about the 4 different personalities. We should play some games first.

This session was helpful in helping me find out what my personality is, teaching me to be proud of who I am and not try to change my personality to fit in. I hope that I will be able to improve on my weaknesses.

I think this workshop was enjoyable and useful in helping us understand how to accept and work with others of differing personalities, thus helping us to make our trip to Eastern Europe a smooth and enjoyable one.

I think the trainer’s message was put forth in a very clear and interesting manner. She was able to arouse /maintain/keep our attention and everybody seemed really glad during the whole session. I also had opportunity to make many new friends during the session. I’m glad that I was able to discuss things with people who are similar to me.

It was ok but very theoretical. While we get to understand each other, I feel not much teambuilding was done. Though practically teambuilding cannot be achieved so easily.


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