Greenwood Primary 4 Nov 09

Team Building session and profiling using Yong Tau Foo characters was conducted for a group of some 30 P5 students going to Brunei. A pop quiz on Brunei facts and sharing of what it means to be a team using Chilli, Bittergourd, Fishball and BeeHoon as main characters in differentiating different personalities and behaviours. Here’re the feedback for the students:

I feel motivated and have more confidence when I am in this course. I hope that this course can be expanded worldwide.

I love the workshop because I can learn how to do teamwork and also the people are polite:)

I can really learn how to listen and work as a team – Rachaella

I learn that no matter where and who I am I will always be the same – Katriel

This workshop let me learnt more about myself – Xinli 5H

We can get to know more about ourselves and our personalities – Ong Wei Sheng 5B

I love that I can learn more about my personality – Dina 5D

More activities; fun; interesting – Lim Cheng Hui 5C

I learn how to understand my friends well – Khairin 5F

No comments – Putra 5E

This workshop is the best and hope to have more activities – Nabilah 5C

The presentation was good and interesting – Diana 5A

It was really a great experience and really funny – Rabiatul 5B

Interesting! I understand more about my friends!

Learn who we really are – Fandi 5J

No feedback – Jordan

It is the best – Chiat Kit

No feedback – Amirul 5E

This workshop has let me know about my weakness and strengths 🙂

I liked the part when you showed us the 4 different characteristics. I love to learn more – Gayathiri 5D

The workshop can help me understand more things.

I like this workshop as it is interesting for me as I learn about the different types of Yong Tau Foo teens – Amalia

I like the talk as it is very easy to understand – Toety 5J

I like this workshop as it is hilarious and interesting. The teacher provides us with activities that are fun – Nikita

This workshop teach me a lot of things. I learn more things about me. – Hazimah 5B

I like the workshop because it helps us to know our personality and ourselves. – Winona

I feel very happy!

You could divide the personality into more different and specific groups.

I learn that no matter where and who I am I will always be the same.

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