River Valley High Team Building – 16 Nov 09

21 students and 3 teachers were given a taste of team building using YTF characters today at River Valley High as part of a pre-trip session for New Zealand. The students were mainly from Sec 3s with 2 Sec 2s and 2 Sec 4s. It was also the first time for a group that I was conducting that comprised of almost half the students having the BeeHoon type of personality. Of course the grouping may not be so accurate (as the detailed profiling we do if the students take the online assessment) as the students decide on the groups they want to go to but well, it was a good way to kick-start the “Getting to know you” session as they all come from different classes. It was great that the 3 teachers stayed throughout the session to get to know their students. Special thanks to Maria, Wan Ting and Faith for being present.

Here’re the feedback from the guys and gals who attended:

Very entertaining with all the clips. Interesting and new to us. Can discuss other things.

Enriching:) Can be more fun though – Fishball

Very entertaining. NICE 🙂

Nice and fruitful. ENTERTAINING

Feedback – UM. Very Good.

It’s alright but it can be more entertaining.

It’s just fine. Not boring . Quite ok. Only the team name is weird. LOL. Entertaining enough 🙂

Engaging. Fun.

Great! I have learnt that team work is crucial in the success of the group. There are different personalities, and we have to gel with all of them.

Good! I’ve learnt a lot from this sessin! I feel that some ice-breaking games like “Whacko!” can be played.

Good! Can have more games:)

Good! Fun. Speaker is engaging.

Very fun and entertaining. Can be more engaging.

I think that this is a very interesting course. It allows people to get to know themselves, their personalities better. It can be more entertaining and fun and engaging.

Fun, entertaining, interactive, lots to learn. Could have more games.

Fun and engaging. Interesting way of presenting the workshop.

FUN! Workshop was meaningful and engaging.

Interesting and refreshing. Different from other workshops of the same….er..genre? have games instead of that presenting stuff.

Have more games! Instead of just gathering in groups and listing out stuffs on paper. But quite interesting though.

Could be more interesting and fun.

It’s really interesting that the programme associates the DISC thing with Yong Tau Foo 🙂 But it can be more interactive 🙂

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