STA Travel – Team Building@Bali, Indonesia

A Yong Tau Foo team© workshop with ExtendedDISC® Personal Analysis was conducted at the idllyic island of Bali, Indonesia. All 20 of staff from STA Travel, Singapore were at the Sofitel Seminyak Bali for a work retreat. I was their invited in-house trainer and it was a most enjoyable session, introducing them to the different YTF characters and going through the 23 page report. We played a couple of games and it was a fun time for the staff to tease one another about the different personalities or as one staff says – she is a bittergourd, chilli trying hard to be a fishball!

Enjoy the pix 🙂 and thanks Eileen for allowing me to have the workshop with your colleagues at this beautiful place!

“Ms Chi’s Singaporean adaptation of DISC using Yong Tau Foo ingredients to interpret, makes DISC less intimidating and easier to understand for younger people.  My colleagues and myself have discovered more about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses through a simple test accompanied by her lively 3 hour session in Bali (31 Jan 2010) during our retreat.  This session has deepened our understanding of our colleagues and build up the team morale.  More importantly, we also learn to identify the type of customers and people we meet each day, allowing us to understand their needs and meet their expectations.
Thank you so much Pin Lay for the wonderful time that you have engaged myself and my colleagues in Bali.” – Eileen Yee, GM, STA Travel

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