YTF team© for Primary schools teachers

A YTF preview session was held for a group of some 25 teachers from various primary schools in Singapore . This is a part of a programme arranged by Raffles Institution under their ICT Infocomm club. (1 June 2010)

“It’s an enjoyable workshop, makes me understand my personality and people around me, so as to provide better communication.”

“Great insight!”

“I think this workshop is great! I’ve learnt a little better about myself and I’m sure the things I learnt today will be put to good value.”

“Programme was good but I have attended many of these profiling workshops. I even have a detailed workshop coming up in my school.”

“Fun, entertaining, and powerful presentation. Thanks. Kada”

“It was fun! I think the duration is considered too and the activity is an added bonus.”

“Teacher is lively, with many stories to share. The introductory programme is well structured and allows us to have an idea of what “DISC” is about.  However, I think the programme can be improved with more videos or case studies for us to analyse. Thanks.”

“Good job done! Learnt more about my personality and how I could build a team.”

“Extremely insightful! It’s always interesting to learn more about yourself so that you can work on your weaknesses and be a better person.”

“The personal stories and anecdotes shared during the session was great. It felt more real. I like how the YTF is used to bring in the DISC profiles.”

“Information. Provide possible workshops for our school/teachers.”

“An interesting workshop that gives me an in-depth view of character traits that people have. Helps me understand group dynamics better.”

“Interesting and fun workshop. Insightful as we learn our own characteristics based on the Yong Tau Foo ingredients.”

“Fun, interesting and able to apply what I’ve learnt. They are all relevant and important.”

“The workshop is really interesting and fun. I really enjoyed myself during this workshop! 🙂 Thanks for letting me know more about myself, my kids and everyone around me :)”

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