Yong Tau Foo Team© building for teachers at Cambridge Child Development Centre

The session was conducted for a group of Kindergarten teachers at Cambridge CDC at Tanglin Road.

Here’s what the teachers say after the workshop:

“The training was concise, informative, fun, self-reflective and also affirmative. Keep it up”

“This team building should be longer. It is very interesting to know/discover new things about ourselves and others. It is very interesting and interactive. The 4 “c”s are important in a team to be able to work harmoniously with one another. Thank you!

“Yey! Well done! I’ve learnt a lot about myself and others too! The course may be short but learnings are overflowing 🙂 Thank you!

“Very informative. Team building that really makes sense. Every fact is interesting.”

“Interesting. Speaker is well prepared. Learn more skills. Useful. Learn about ourselves.”

“Good session. Fun, informative, interactive. Interesting. Good team activities. Speaker is approachable.”

“Approachable. Interactive. Bouncy. Nuaaa. = Pin Lay”

“The training was very interesting and I have learnt new things in terms of different characteristics of an individual. Ms Pin Lay did it very well.”

“Very helpful and interesting topic. I got the chance to show/tell what is m personality and need time to show it. Had fun with the activities. Good job!”

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