Ecotourism the Yong Tau Foo Way!

A 4-half day workshop on “Ecotourism the Yong Tau Foo Way!”was conducted in Nov 2010@Raffles Institution for P5 high ability students. This workshop was organised by MOE Gifted Education branch as one of the programmes for their Talent Development Institute. A total of 27 students from various schools – ACS, MGS, St Hilda’s Primary, Punggol Primary. SCGS, Xinmin Pri, Nan Hua Primary, CHIJ St Nicholas were chosen for the course by their respective schools.

The workshop combines the principles of Ecotourism with team building and provide an interesting way to share and advocate green travel. Students were taught the four key ingredients in their Teams – Chilli, Fishball, BeeHoon and Bittergourd. In addition they get to learn the 4Cs for the 21st Century through working on a joint Eco-tourism project on the 3rd and 4th session. They were divided into their Yong Tau Foo team and worked on a “live” project based on Principles of Ecotourism.

On the fourth session, the students get a chance to meet an enterprising 21-year old student entrepreneur, Ms Cindy Chng.  Cindy founded Ecotravel Service Pte Ltd when she was 19 years old! Cindy is currently studying at NTU and has led many trips to promote Ecotourism.

Here’s the feedback by the young participants after the 4 session course at RI:

– I have learnt many things from this course. I think that this course is very beneficial and I would like to attend this course again and I would also recommend this course to others to influence them and also to share the knowledge with the world. – Mark Yeo, Maris Stella High School

– I learned many new things about teamwork and Ecotourism. Even though I never tried it, I would really like to try it one day. I also learn more about a team and saving the world. – Leeroy Liu, De La Salle School

– This course has been very fun and enriching. I have learnt a lot about eco-tourism through Ms Chi’s guidance. However the dates are not very suitable as my teacher was adding marks(exam papers). I look forward to such courses in the future. – Neha Shankar

– I love this course as it was enjoyable and fun. It gave me a greater understanding of the environment. I hope that I will have interest in eco-tourism and the environment, so that I can do a little something to help save the world. I hope that there will be more opportunities for me to take part in eco-tourism courses so that I can serve the society in the future.

– I liked ALL the activities in this course except the “Floating Stick” activity. The food during the break could improve. The no of days could increase as I really enjoyed the course. – Russell Tan

– The programme was very enjoyable and interesting. I learnt a lot about Ecotourism. I liked the games. I rate it 9/10. Best.

– I have enjoyed this course very much. I have learnt a lot about Eco-tourism and I hope to use this information when I grow up. I really enjoyed Ms Chi’s teaching. – Rasyidah, Xinmin Primary

– This course is awesome! It is the best course! I wish to attend more courses like this in the future.

– The course was interesting and fun. It was indeed an enriching course and I have learnt a lot about Eco-tourism. Ms Chi is also very knowledgeable 🙂 – Bethany Leong

-This course is super AWESOME!

– This course is very good.

– I think the course is very interesting as we learn more about the world.

– The course was fruitful and interesting. I learnt a lot of things.

– I did not expect this course to be so fun, so I guess I was wrong 🙂 This course is very interesting! I have learnt much more about eco-tourism.

– This course gave me a chance to interact with new friends. It was really fun and interesting to find out about eco-tourism. I am glad I was chosen. – BeeHoon Ysabel Ng

– This course is interesting, there were lots of great activities that I liked and it is creative to separate us into the Yong Tau Foo ingredients.

– I enjoyed this course and hope to come to more courses like this. – Issac Tan

– This course was very fun and enriching. I think that future generations would like to take this course learning more about the environment as well as having fun! – JingHan CHIJ St Nicholas.

– I enjoyed the programme very much cos it is really interesting and I learnt about ecotourism. I liked the games. 8/10

– I find this course very interesting and beneficial. I learnt a lot of new knowledge regarding eco-tourism. I have also learnt about teamwork, 21st century skills.

– I enjoy this course and I would like to have it again. – YongSheng, Punggol Primary

– I enjoyed it but must be more interesting – Ray PPS

Click on pix to view pictures on the various sessions.


TDI Day 1 - Forming YTF Teams

TDI Day 4 - Ecotourism Presented
TDI Day 2 and 3 - Ecotourism explored

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