Yong Tau Foo Team© for Queenstown Primary


A lighter moment

Teamwork in action

A 3 hour YTF team building session was held at the function room of a condominium for a group of Mother Tongue teachers from Queenstown Primary. It was the first time I faciliated a group in a condo:) It was a beautiful place, overlooking the pool and with nice leafy branches and a big spacious room. The P is indeed very innovative to have booked the place:)

Here’re the feedback from the teachers after the 3 hour session:

– YTF team: very fun filled and meaningful sharing and presentations about teamwork. Thanks and all the best

– It was fun and engaging.

– I want more activities! 🙂

– More time needed. Inspiring slides. Clear and understandable.

– 谢谢你的分析及教导,我得益不浅.

– Very interesting 🙂

– Patient. Very Interesting. Cheerful.

– Thank you for the wonderful session…truly interesting to discover myself and the type of people I am surrounded with daily.

– Strength: activities and videos very interesting and relevant. AFI: the description of the four personality can be more specific and provide more examples.

– It is interesting and useful, helping me to know myself better, also teach us how to get to know others and how to build our team. Thanks!

– Session is interesting. With more time, it will be even more fruitful as discussion can be more detailed and in-depth. Thanks! – Chee Wee

– 分析入微,学能致用。 谢谢 - Wong

- 讲解者所要表达的目标顺确。 讲解详细明了, 具有专业的知识和说服力,并能以例子来说明让人发人深省,印象深刻,印象深刻, 非常专业,很棒!