Yong Tau Foo Teambuilding for Northland Sec

A two session(25th and 26th Nov) Yong Tau Foo teambuilding were conducted for all the staff (including non-teachings staff) at Northland Sec. Session 1 was at Downtown East and Session 2 was conducted at a Wong’s cultural village at JB, West Malaysia. The teachers went through a series of team building activities and also a short session on the various characteristics on Chilli, Fishball, BeeHoon and Bittergourd.

Team painting with Northlanders

Here’re some of the feedback on the session:

  1. Fun-filled, all engaging activities. Certainly enjoyed the activities.
  2. Fun and enjoyable!
  3. Good arrangement and very meaningful.
  4. Great job! I love the games…cos I am good at drawing 🙂
  5. The teambuilding games were easy to carry out (need not squeeze too many brain juice). However instructions need to be conveyed more clearly for all the games.
  6. It embodies the idea of team dynamics “chilli”, “bittergourd”, “fishball” and “beehoon” very well. Quite fun also.
  7. Good activities but wish there was more rounding up and learning from one another.
  8. Excellent!
  9. Fun and engaging.
  10. The first teambuilding (picture formation) brought me new insights and was quite fun. I feel that we can skip the pole activity and focus on the other two.
  11. Fun! If only we had more time!!
  12. Awesome! I truly enjoyed the activities by the trainer. Great job!
  13. Game 1 – Batik painting – Fun to paint for others and vice-versa. Game 2 – Difficult especially for the elderly but ok. Game 3 – Wow!
  14. Like the batik team building the best as it is less competitive, more freedom to play around. As for the balancing pole game, it is less effective than the rest of the team building games.
  15. The TB activities add fun and meaning to all that has been shared.
  16. I enjoyed the batik painting and pictionary the best. 🙂
  17. Team building up to expectations
  18. Team building – Great job!
  19. Very good:) Activities are all interesting and meaningful.
  20. I’m not sure what is my dominant trait since I have at least two to three characteristics of all 4 groups. I think I learn to adapt to situation and people I work with.
  21. Have to cater to a mixture of Yong Tau Foo. Hence when the various chillis, fishball etc not many raised our hands cos of the mixed characteristics from all four. Overall, the team building games achieved their objectives. Maybe should be incentive to winning game instead of sabo them.
  22. Very engaging team building activities. Memorable and enjoyable. However like you said, due to the significant lack of time we were not able to distil enough learning from them. For those who are already familiar with DISC, this is a good refresher course but those new to this will still not be able to grasp concepts. Nonetheless, it was good effort. Thank you.
  23. Story sequencing activity – interesting and challenging. Yong Tau Foo catch the finger game was rather fun. Story mode the “phrase” rather predictable. Perhaps just use Chilli, bittergourd, yong tau foo or any of the ingredients  – jumbled. Pole game – first timers – great team activity. Pic draw – drew laughter. Thanks for effort. However all the rush-rush make me feel short changed. Wondered what was missed and would have been fun done 🙂
  24. Thank you. Short time but better like this. Not so draggy.
  25. Very rush but still could learn something of team building. Thank you.
  26. Very good effort despite brief almost impossible time given. Well done! Good to reinforce through games, stories – how to work amongst different profiles. Show strategies how to increase certain profiles and how to decrease certain traits when working with diverse profiles.
  27. It made us realise what type of person I was. It made me self manage. Good work.
  28. Batik painting is very good activity. A bit rushed as delays and a number of activities need to be completed.
  29. The teambuilding activity was pretty simple. Not really much interaction within the members. Can be improved. The batik painting was a good idea 🙂
  30. The activities were relatively engaging. However I felt that the group size is quite big and time allocation is quite limited for bonding.
  31. Felt the games is relevant and attainable even by non-teaching staff on 1st day.
  32. Perhaps the time allocated was too short. I didn’t appreciate nor understand the rationale of the course. I see the activities more as time-fillers.
  33. Don’t really understand what is the meaning of the teambuilding game.
  34. Thanks! It was fun. Wished it could have been longer, especially the games. However, I am still not to clear about the 4 character types.
  35. Too rush. Time too short so the Yong Tau Foo characters are not fully achieved/understood. No notes given. Thank you very much.
  36. Individual profiling will be a good idea. Group size is too big to ensure 100% participation.
  37. Able to engage participants through meaningful activities. Debrief would have been done better by asking participants to articulate/share more about their own learning. More learning points can be drawn from the different team building activities. Overall good experience. Good job. Thank you.


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