YTF Teambuilding for Singapore Clinical Research Institute, Biopolis

A two-day YTF team building session with Constructive Imagination course was conducted for 23 staff from SCRI. The team comprised of both local and foreign talents working in SCRI. It was a fun-filled session with lotsa of meaningful discussions by the various members on what it means to work in a team, barriers to team building, understanding their team roles, ExtendedDISC profiling was done for each member to give them a deeper understanding of their strengths, motivators, de-motivators and how to better communicate and work as a team. The 2nd day was an exploration on how imagination can helped them innovate and create better team dynamics.

A team effort - what's the story?

Here’re some feedback by the participants.

” An interesting workshop which inspire the hidden potential of myself. “

“Thanks for the enjoyable sessions. Really enjoyed it. You are a good trainer as it is.”

“Thanks for the sharing on the stories about the charitable activities you’ve done. It’s really inspiring! Great training for these two days. Met my objectives and very engaging.”

“The courses are very good. The presentation and creativity used were quite good. However, you could use more videos to emphasize on the different aspects . Also you could have some work related scenarios. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you very much.”

What is the best part about this workshop?  –

“Team participation”

“Interactive, not boring”

“Activities and case studies”

“The exercises’

“The pictionary was a great ice-breaker and the personal analysis report was exceptionally informative. “

“Games and activities”

“To helped everyone understand or see a clearer picture of the team work”

“Running through the case studies and thinking through and analyze it”

“Interaction with the team”

“The practical and real examples”

“Interesting games and session whick kept me engaged throughout.”

“Real life examples shared”

“I love every bit of this workshop”

“The analysis and team games of various distinctive YTF group”

Feedback on Constructive Imagination session:

Participants like best “having video clips to help in learning”, “the imagination exercises”, “doodling and cartooning” and “discussions” and “humour used by the instructor”

“I think may have too much drawing in this course.”

“I think the programme is quite classroom bound. Will be good to have some outdoor team work and creativity. The course no doubt has created and brought out the side of me that loves drawing/doodling and promotes creativity. However, I see it difficult to apply the knowledge learnt into our daily lives…”

“Self-reflection time is good”

“Some people might need see step-by-step instructions”

“Imagination can be applied to solutions to solve problems; may not have to be art. We can have some problem solving sessions”

“I have personally attended similar workshop but find this one more interesting and the trainer is very much into sharing and teaching than just completing a task/job assigned. Well done, Pin Lay!”

“A very encouraging trainer”

“Journal is not manufactured well enough. The staple pricked me a few times”

What can make the course better? – “Role playing”, “can be tailored more to our work so that we can apply concepts in our work”, “half hour to explore the nature/outside world  to draw inspiration.”

“Pin Lay you have been a great facilitator. You have a kind heart and I found these two days very interesting and I also learnt a lot about myself. I have never done the DISC profile and doing one now has described myself so very much.”


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