Ecotourism the Yong Tau Foo Way@SCGS

A 5-session workshop for 72 Sec 3 non OBS students from SCGS was conducted from 21st Feb to 25th Feb 2011. This course is aligned to 21st Century skills and MOE Desired outcomes of education and to help prepare the girls to be world ready leaders.

Here’s pix of the workshop.

Ecotourism the Yong Tau Foo Way!
Ecotourism the Yong Tau Foo Way!

The sessions comprised of presentations, slide shows, videos, games and group work to bring across the ecotourism principles as well as self-awareness, team dynamics and the 4 “C”s for 21st Century skills -Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Collaboration. Students were taught the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Here’re feedback:

” I have learnt a lot, from how to be a world ready to the different types of tourisms there are. The course has been really enriching, and I especially liked the part where the different Yong Tau Foo were used to represent the different types of people. It was really fun knowing more about both our own and our friends’ personalities. Learning about ecotourism was interesting too as I have never heard of such a term before! All in all, I have truly learnt a lot and have enjoyed this course.” – Deborah Tan

“I am more aware of what is happening around me and…I am going to play my part to contribute to eco-tourism. Also I have learnt to be more self-aware…I am a Chilli + BeeHoon!” – Christy Koh

“Over the last five days we have attended a workshop which has taught us a lot about our personality traits, teamwork and tourism, particularly ecotourism. …This workshop was engaging and informative and gave us opportunity to put what we have learnt to use…I feel that this has been a rich learning experience that can help us both in school and when we start to work.” – Nicole Sia

“I enjoyed the course and had fun. During these 5 days I learnt to be more self aware and world ready. I learnt more about myself and others. Teamwork is important and the 4Cs is very important in making teamwork successful. I learnt that non-verbal communication play an important part role in impressions, therefore actions speak louder than words. I learn the importance of eco-tourism and that everyone plays a role in conserving the environment. This course teaches me the 21st Century skills and the importance of it.” – Isabella F. Nunalim

“…an average 18-hole golf course soaks up water better used for supplying irrigation for 100 farmers everyday..the 4Cs of 21st Century, G.R.O.W and T.A.S.K and…I want to try to go on a sustainable tourism trip to save/protect animals one day! Albatrosses!” – Lim Jobelle

“These past 5 days were very enjoyable for me. I enjoyed learning about the different traits of the Yong Tau Foo ingredients, mainly Chilli, Fishball, Beehoon and Bittergourd. The traits I learnt includes its good and bad traits. Other than the YTF ingredients I learnt about the importance of the 4Cs in the 21st Century. The 4Cs are communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. From the 4Cs I learnt the importance of each of the C’s to become a world leader. I also learnt about TASK which stands for Talent, Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. Overall I learnt to look at the big picture instead of the small picture in order to do well in life.” – Tiffany Lim

“This course has taught me a lot about eco-tourism and myself. I have learnt a lot and am inspired to become an active eco-tourist and world leader.” – Estelle Chin

“I found the course quite interesting with all the activities and games. It really introduced me to a whole new side and perspective of tourism. I also learnt many new things about ecotourism and is principles…” – Chin Michelle

“At first I really wanted to go for OBS so I was slightly upset. However I found that the talks on world readiness were very informative and interesting. The instructor was very nice and organised activities when she noticed we were feeling sleepy….I learnt a lot during this programme such as there are many types of people and people can be a mix of the different types…I learnt the principles of ecotourism. ..everything I learnt was very applicable in life…”

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