“Knowing Me, Knowing You”, workbook launch@Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves

The launch of  “Knowing Me, Knowing you”, a workbook for travelling together by OURF at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves at Westmall, Bukit Batok was a cosy affair.  Though there were a number of people who were unable to make it due to last minute work committments, the small party that turned up enjoyed themselves with the nice cuppa from CBTL machine as well as delicious cheese cakes and sandwiches to go along:) As our buzz for GE2011 heats up, the Yong Tau Foo Team© was put to good use when participants were asked to use their knowledge to give their take as to whether Mr Low Thia Kiang is a BeeHoon and Minister George Yeo, a Fishball or other perhaps Chilli or Bittergourd, based on their public profiles and reports by media:) It was a fun and enriching session.

Designed by a passionate educator, Pin Lay,

Knowing Me, Knowing You

this workbook is put together after 3 years of research and many many experiences with different types of people when leading trips, working together and conducting team building workshops.

Using case studies and Yong Tau Foo Team© to understand what makes people tick, the workbook shares about the “Terrible Twelve” – 12 archetypes which are the results of bad habits built over time! Do you know a Mr Shopaholic in your group? Do you have a Mr Latecomer who holds up everyone during the trip? Or a “Hao Lian” Chilli? A “Mr Fussy” Bittergourd? or a “Everything I want” Fishball? This workbook is designed for people travelling together to understand one another better. OURF! workbook “Knowing Me, Knowing You” helps you in having an enjoyable journey and have fun with group dynamics.

Knowing Me, Knowing You

Here’re some feedback from those at the launch:

“Very interesting experience! Having an innovative and eye-catching names like Chilli, Fishball, Bittergourd and BeeHoon would help to make learning fun and light-hearted. Thank you and well done on collating such a comprehensive workbook!”

“It was an interesting session. Of course nothing is absolute but using the metaphor of local food is refreshing.What is key is knowing how to manage self and others. Thank you. ”

“Pin Lay, I want to borrow your words, “LIM” – less is more! The workshop though short is pretty packed. You made learning easier and fun. Thanks for sharing!” – Ethel

“Presentation interesting. Enjoyed case studies” – SG

“Congrats to a wonderful session and the sharing of case studies was engaging…” – Shirlene

For more pix

Clare and Azizah
Our helpful staff from Coffee Bean with Ethel
Group Pix
Hey I am a Fishball!

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