Knowing Me, Knowing You – Workshop of Kampung Temasek Facilitators

A 3 hour workshop was held for the youth volunteer facilitators at Kampung Temasek at YMCA, Orchard Road. The group comprised mainly of people who have just graduated from NUS, NTU or polytechnics. They were gungho and had fun learning about the Yong Tau Foo Team© as well as role-playing some archetypes in Terrible Twelve – “Cannot Wait” Chilli, ‘Okay Okay” BeeHoon, “Mr Microscope” Bittergourd, amongst other archetypes in the workbook “Knowing Me, Knowing You.”

While it is impossible to learn all about facilitation and Yong Tau Foo Team© dynamics within the short time, the dedication of these volunteer facilitators were evident! Many of them came after study or work and spent their precious evening at the workshop instead of unwinding at home:)

Enjoy the pix and their feedback:

– Interesting tool – Zakiah

– Good knowledge to have. Yong Tau Foo is a productive simplication of pretty complex issues. Definitely helps in identifying key characteristics of people. Good skill to have for facilitation – Huimin

– Clear and simple examples. Allows me to classify and identify difficult people easier. Longer session. Good intensity.

– Localised version and simplification of the concepts from usual DISC  made it easy to understand. The awareness was brought out effectively. Allows everyone to know their strengths, weakneses and to accept them – Ju Hu

– Can afford to shorten intro for short session. Case studies are very helpful. Thank you for your time 🙂

– Refreshes mindset on the types of people. Reminds me of past winning habits which I have forgotten. Tells me what to work on next.

– Thank you for helping us profile ourselves. I started to understand the importance of team profiling. Something I have not done before. Will need to digest your material and yes, will have to see you again.

– Thanks for making us GROW. Concise, detailed “sweet and brief”. Kudos :O – Andrea

– Thank you for this 🙂 Especially under short notice.

KT Facilitator training
Facilitators at work
Ju Ju with his interpretation of team in Singapore school

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