Staff Retreat with “Knowing Me, Knowing You” – the Yong Tau Foo Team© for Jing Shan Primary

A one day workshop using the recently launched workbook “Knowing Me, Knowing You” – The Yong Tau Foo Team© was conducted at scenic Pulai Springs Country Resort, Johor for 60 staff of Jing Shan Primary. The staff learnt about themselves – who they are – Chilli, Fishball, BeeHoon and Bittergourd and what are their natural strengths. They also learnt how to manage conflicts, cook the “Empathy soup” and literally wear one another’s shoes!

The session was conducted with many video clips that illustrated why teams with diverse members are so important for 21st century learning and how developing your empathy quotient is part and parcel of building a good team. They also talked about  barriers to creating a strong team, what makes a team great and learning how to exchange roles to understand one another better 🙂

The staff learnt about T.A.S.K and that Talents G.R.O.W 🙂

Here are some pix. For gallery of pix please click here.

We are Fishballs!
We are Fishballs!
Cooking the empathy soup
Cooking the empathy soup...
Cooking the empathy soup…
Team Building
Do we look good??

Here’re some of their feedback:

“Interesting way to discover ourselves!”

“Engaging. Enjoyed it.”

“I loved the activities. So NICE, Very NICE, I like! Video is good”

“Enlightening. Able to understand my direct opposites more and to show more empathy. Thou I am one characteristic over the years, I have learnt to level up in my other areas.”

“Talk slowly. You talk too fast. Better if videos shown are “full screen” because seated at the back cannot see. BUT I really learnt a lot from this workshop. “OPEN” my eyes to team dynamics, so there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just behaving like a “bittergourd” again. THANKS!”

“A very interesting and interactive session. You gave us lots of practical examples from your own experiences. The hands-on sessions were very fun, enjoyable and meaningful. This keeps us awake all the time.”

“Enjoyable workshop!! Time passed by so quickly! Thank you for helping my school staff to discover their personalities better. I hope our school leaders will take advantage of this great opportunity to re-group some committees to improve the group dynamics! :)”

“Very interesting. Four types of personalities help me know myself better.”

“You are well-prepared and have presented very well. Well done. The theory is relevant and helps me to identify my own characteristics. The take-away: I shall look into my personal traits and work on certain areas to further improve.”

“Thank you very much for the day! I get to know more of myself as well as my colleagues. Also aware of my weak areas and will try to improve it.”

“Creative activities and enjoyable. Although the first part of the workshop seemed draggy, the second part of activities were good.”

“It is a very useful workshop. Thank you.”

“Thank you! It was an enriching yet “not brain-damage” session. Quite in-depth with regards to Chilli, Fishball, Bittergourd and BeeHoon.”

“Many good ideas presented. Relevant videos. Fun activities. Thank you. I had fun!”

“A very refreshing workhop 🙂 I am glad that this workshop has enabled me to understand the characteristics of others better.”

“Well-balanced activity. Workshop carried out in relaxed manner.”

“Video clips are engaging & inspiring.”

“Creative idea in using Yong Tau Foo to illustrate team building. I get to understand myself better.”

“Thanks for letting me know that I am the ingredient that I don’t eat at all! It has given me ideas on how I can better myself.”

“Thank you for an interesting session. Every strengths taken to extremes will become a weakness – so we need to be mindful of our strengths and weaknesses.” – Azizah

“A very informative session which has enlightened me about the dynamics different personalities in a working organisation. Thanks. – Uma”

“Simple analogy made into something that’s worth thinking about. A sparkling ideas that’d go a long way. Thank you!”

“The course has opened my mind to acknowledge that differences in personalities makes a more efficient team”

“Having different people in the team is a strength. Will look at people differently from now on. Engaging presenter.”

“A great new insight on how to view myself and others. Learn to perceive others in their shoes. Be able to understand others more effectively and work more efficiently as a team”

and many more similar comments…

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