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21st Century Education
21st Century Education






This was a pix I took when I was in Thimphu, Bhutan recently to do a sharing on “E-learning” to a group of high ranking education officials. It was the first time I went to Bhutan and indeed Bhutan turned out to be a most beautiful place.

I liked the “Mei-hua” or “梅花” which was beginning to blossom during our visit in March. It was early spring and buds were sprouting. The pix reminds me that students are like young buds, vunerable and beautiful. Some buds are in front, visibly noticeable and some in the background. Nevertheless, whether the buds are in the foreground or background, they are both important to the composition of the picture. It brings depth to the picture and adds beauty to it. I liked “Mei-hua” or “梅花” as it is also one of the four gentlemen of Chinese ink paintings.

The buds grow on different branches and with the clear blue sky in the background, the picture was one of youth and vitality. A future full of hope.
Education in Singapore schools is about different peaks of excellence for our students, the idea being first mooted by MR THARMAN SHANMUGARATNAM, MINISTER FOR EDUCATION, AT THE 2006 NATIONAL DAY OBSERVANCE CEREMONY AT MOE HQ ON 8 AUGUST 2006.

NB: Spring beckons as a sign of fresh dreams and hopes. 春 the chinese word for “Spring” is welcomed by Chinese Singaporeans in a big way. The first day of Spring is the first day of Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year).

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