The volunteer media team@Qi Global: What a fantastic group of guys!

The Media Team from Singapore Polytechnic with Joshua
The Media Team from Singapore Polytechnic with Joshua

It was a most pleasant encounter of sorts when I was introduced to the volunteer media team comprising of six boys from Singapore Polytechnic, a veteran film maker – Joshua Wong and Arif Khan, a recent graduate of Singapore Management University and formerly from SP. The boys were Year 2 students studying Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at the polytechnic and volunteering to be the media production team at recently concluded Qi-Global conference (Qi 2011 Event) held at Goodman Arts Centre.

Led by veteran Mr Joshua Wong, the team was tasked to capture the contents of the 20 over presenters as well as do express and post production for the videos. Joshua did a great job in outlining the details needed for the team’s mission. It was clear and detailed. What was very challenging to the team was to find a proper room for storage of equipment, a scrambling of sorts for the interview room, editing room as well as trying to capture the highlight of each speaker’s speech within a 2 min bracket so that the highlights can be posted the next day onto the Qi website.

To be honest my role in the team was redundant. Though I have volunteered to help to edit some videos if need be, Joshua thought my management experience will be good to guide the students. He was happily proved wrong!

From day 1, during the inaugural cocktail dinner party, the boys took to the work with tremendous pride and professionalism. They were divided into two teams for ease of distribution of duties. Team A comprised of Jayraj, Eswaran and Muhamad Hafiz. Team B comprised of the twin brothers, Chuen Yee and Chuan Yew and Muhamad Faiz. Each played a different role. They are to take on the duties of capturing content, editing and uploading online to

Another ex-student of mine, Liza was in charge of the web and making sure that the videos went live the next day. Liza is currently waiting to go to Singapore University of Design and Technology.

The teams did a great job. When the first videos were posted on the 2nd day, Joshua, like a proud father sms me “Pin Lay, our awesome videos are now alive at”. (You can watch their clips at

I was there as both a participant and as a volunteer. I wanted to find out what’s the buzz amongst the innovators. I had not anticipated that I will be roped in during the conference to help as I had other work commitments as well. As a volunteer member of this team, I see my role quite simply as to fill in the gaps. Small things like helping to get the room for the guys, acting as a conduit for information between the organisers and the media team, driving to collect two battery cables from the Camwerkz which rented the equipment and back to Goodman Arts Centre. The great thing about being in volunteer work is that you do what you can. Titles and designations are not important for everyone on the team as volunteers just want to ensure that the event went on as well as they possibly can (within the limits of our time, skills and resources).

As for me, the veteran and passionate educator, nothing makes me more happy than seeing students (the boys in this case) being so responsible and skillful in discharging their duties. I am sure their lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic can be proud of them. They are independent and responsible students. My nephew Hudson is thinking of going the Polytechnic route. I have told my sister that perhaps Singapore Polytechnic is a good choice. Why not go and check out their Open House 🙂

If you are still thinking that the A level route is the only way for bright students, think again. Yesterday I was one of the judges for the ITE-Oracle ThinkQuest Local Contest 2011 held at ITE West College. I was impressed with the standards of the apps, design and presentation of 10 finalist teams that presented to us. Well, that’s another story:)

Useful links:

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