Reflections on “Sewing the seeds of Kindness”

An inspiring mentor, Ms Ong
An inspiring mentor, Ms Ong

Reflections by students from Singapore Sports School – by Ms Lisa Ong, SST teacher

What were your initial thoughts when you were invited to sew a felt donkey for SPANA?

1. “Initially, I didn’t think this project would help SPANA much and would be a failure because many of us can’t sew well and would not be bothered to learn. But now, I realized that although we were not great at sewing, everyone showed enthusiasm and made an effort to sew the felt donkeys whole-heartedly. I have confidence we can contribute to SPANA successfully.” – Gladys Wong 1B

2. “I was excited because it’s been a long time since I’ve done sewing and I also thought to myself; Well it’s better than normal homework.” Sabrina Chau 1C

3. “I was very excited as I’ve never done something on my own for charity except to give away some money. And when I knew that we were sewing to help animals, I was happy because I love animals and love helping them.” Anastasia 1E

4. “At first I thought that this project was just a joke as it is a huge project. But after that I realized it wasn’t because it involved a lot of work. And I thought this is serious and decided it is going to be fun.” – Boaz 1C

How has this sewing project made you feel about helping animals?

1. “I feel useful because by sewing a felt donkey to raise funds for SPANA, I’ve converted my knowledge into an act of kindness.” – Nadia 1C

2. “By sewing the felt donkeys, we are reminded that there are animals out there in pain and we can do something to help them.” – Elizabeth Chia 1B

3. “I’ve used my precious time and energy to sew a felt donkey to raise funds for the working animals which are suffering because of inadequate care. I feel happy to be able to do something for them and not just pity them.” – Choi Seon Hee 1B

4. “I learnt that when we put in effort to sew the felt donkey properly, we are showing we care. And the real donkeys will feel our care.” – Prakash 1E

5. “I was determined to sew the felt donkeys properly so I went online to find out how to do it well. I’ve even helped a few of my friends who can’t sew properly complete their felt donkeys.” – Jay 1C

6. “ My mother had to show me again and again how to do a blanket stitch but she was very patient with me so I managed to sew a felt donkey at last.” – Darwisy 1C

7. “I brought my felt donkey onto the plane to sew as I was flying home to Thailand for the Sept break. But I dropped a ear while I was on flight and my donkey ended up with only one ear. But still, somebody bought it to help SPANA” – Teekayu 1E

and for Assembly Programme for World Animal Day

Feedback on WAD Assembly Programme Items 

1.  “I was impressed by the beautiful pictures of cute dogs and cats that the speaker, Ms Chi showed us. I also respect her as I know that it is not easy to change from a person who is not especially fond of animals to somebody who goes to a dog’s birthday party.” – Jing Lei 1C

2. “I was surprised that our WAD speaker, Ms Chi does not have a pet and is sometimes scared of some animals. Yet she is still able to help animals in need.” – Keith Tan 1C

“I find the most memorable part of the assembly for me was when my friends performed Charlotte’s Web Readers’ Theatre. It was captivating for me because of the teamwork and the way they projected their voices. They sounded synchronized, loud and convincing. They must have put in a lot of work at their rehearsals.” – Ryan 1C

3. “Watching my friends read calmly on stage inspires me to read better and improve on my English.” – Wei Lu 1C

4. “Listening to Diane Ackerman’s poem, School Prayer helped me see that I too can protect nature, cure misery, bring wonder and build peace.” – Pearlina 1C

5. “My reading was interrupted by an itchy throat and everyone in the auditorium laughed. I felt embarrassed but my teacher said it was a minor problem and I still did well.” – Raaziq 1C

6. “I’m very proud of my friends who performed in front of the whole school. And I felt touched by the SPANA video. I really enjoyed today’s assembly.” Amirul, 1E

7. “I like the Charity Begins at SSP power point show. It inspired me to become a more caring person and to care for animals. And it feels good to be in a school where staff and students have a heart for animals.” Cher Sinn 1C

8. “It gives me a warm feeling of joy when I learnt that SSP decided to adopt the kittens that were born in our school compound. At least I need not keep worrying about the cats’ well-being. I’m glad to belong to a school where everyone plays a part in the cats’ welfare over the past few years.” – Aerina 1C

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