Being a Happy Singaporean

The workshop was on 21st Century Competencies, held at the Career 2012 Suntec City and my topic for the PMETs was “Being a Happy Singaporean”. Enjoy the pix:)

What does it mean to be a happy Singaporean? We will take a broad sweep about what currently Singaporeans feel make them happy, and then onto making choices that taps into our innate strengths and motivators, the stuff we are made of. We will touch on what is the Yong Tau Foo Team© – being Chilli, Fishball, Bittergourd and BeeHoon and how the Yong Tau Foo Team© Scorecard can help you make better choices to make yourself happy in work and studies. It will also touch on VIP values in our career choices and finally useful tips on how to be a Happy Singaporean most of the time!

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