Seeing in a different light – hearing colours

It was an unplanned encounter with a concerned parent last Saturday. No, I was not meeting her in the capacity of a teacher. It was not in a school setting. Instead, we were having refreshments after the Opening Night of the 40th Anniversary Art Exibition by Life Art Society. It was a small cosy event….

As affordable as a plate of char kway teow

As affordable as a plate of char kway teow

Tips for busy parents: Education in a Singapore School

Encouraging the inventive spirit in your child

It all started because my brother’s house needed a new clock. However, the clock was simple. It was “boring” in the words of my sis-in-law. So she tasked my niece “to do something with the clock”. Very often we hear of parents, especially mothers telling the children what to do. “Can you help me look…

A nice surprise! When your attitudes count…

It was a last minute arrangement. The peak period for STA Travel was around the corner again and Eileen sms-ed to ask if I can help lead this trip. “Well….I’ve training on every Saturday and if you can find a trip in between Saturdays, I am fine to help.” “Well”, she sms-ed almost immediately back….