Making the Empathy Soup At RP.OSG

How do you become a mindful person? What is Empathy? Using Chinese ink, participants from the Office of Student and Graduate (OSG) after completing “Making the Empathy soup” Image

at Republic Polytechnic have this to say at the end of the session:

Insightful. Fun. Meaningful sharing.

Engaging. Allows for reflection.

Very Engaging. Interesting Activities. FUN.

Thank you for allowing me to pick up the Chinese brush and write on the rice paper again! Miss it! A very good activity to get me to rethink about who i am again. Thanks.

Insightful and learnt about profiling in a fun way.

Hands-on activity is a new experience esp in introducing self. Got to know a little more of my colleagues. Thank you 🙂

A rather insightful and engaging course made interesting by personal anecdotes:)

I enjoy the calligraphy.

I like the fact Pin Lay is able to use everyday lay-man ideas (esp food) to connect us about different personality. This course is very localised, making it very palettable.

Wonderful programme. Much more interactive than most. Learnt much about myself and those around me. Thanks so much for the enlightenment.



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