Ink. Journey into Self at Dialogue in Dark

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All of us have our own blind spots – today I have to challenge myself to enlarge my comfort zone…and think of new ways to deliver training on Yong Tau Foo team for the visually impaired using a traditional medium: Using Chinese ink:)

A first for me to teach about mindfulness, BE and the Yong Tau Foo team for the visually impaired at Dialogue In Dark, Ngee Ann Poly.

Comments from participants:

Realised how much I like calligraphy.
To be more mindful to bless others.
Meaningful.Mindful. Manifold Blessings.
Learn about different personalities.
Learn calligraphy.
Learn to try to work with different people.
Achievements: patience, endurance and learn how to write calligraphy.
Should learn to draw. Be a part time DJ. Have a own programme.
Thank you. To beginning to more aware of myself and think about others. Ya to BeeHoons!

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