Ink. Journey into Self@NP Staff Centre

20140523_120823 20140523_120914 20140523_120732 20140523_120342 20140523_121904 20140523_134158 20140523_123651 20140523_120143 20140523_120201 20140523_120215 20140523_121444 20140523_115928 20140523_103939 20140523_103731 20140523_102721 20140523_103350 20140523_115712 20140523_102438 20140523_100630 20140523_100609 20140523_092818 20140523_093034 20140523_100556“an interesting course that helps us to bring out understanding of personalities and ourselves”

“thank you pin lay for this fun filled session. Your candid and honest sharing helped us to understand how our personalities can conflict.”

“thank u! i have to say ti was a lot more fun than i had expected it to be!”

“entertaining, enjoyable, knowledgeable”

“very interesting short course which i have enjoyed. Definitely a good take away. having to learn calligraphy once again!”

“it would be nice if we can discuss among ourselves and give time to group ourselves into our departmental units in order to see clearly our personality. Thanks. V fun!”


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