Art and Alchemy: Chieu Shuey Fook

Visiting galleries and learning from other masters from different mediums are part and parcel of the Chinese ink painting classes for my students.

We started off with visiting “Wu Guanzhong” and “Chua Ek Kay: After The Rain” exhibitions at the National Gallery Singapore, followed by “Project Dengzi 2016 by Nanyang Girls’ High” at Gillman Barracks and recently to NAFA for “Art and Alchemy: Chieu Shuey Fook”.

Each visit taught me different things. The learnings were not just from the exhibitions and the projects done by the artists but also through the eyes of my students, both the visually impaired and the rest.  Every student shared their favourite pieces and the inspiration that the artists bring to them through their works. For Project Dengzi, they have the good fortune to talk to one of the artist, Esther Gan, who did an installation art using a stool. What was of interest to me were that these were old stools taken from the Chemistry labs and re-used and changed into art pieces.

For the exhibition on “Art and Alchemy: Chieu Shuey Fook”, I learnt of it through my visually impaired student Wesley and a former student Pek Leng from Dialogue in the Dark. As we could only make it on the last day of the exhibition, it was also a special bonus to me to not only view the exhibits and meet the artist, but also with my friends from NUS campus and Fairfield Methodist Church, as they are also the daughters of Artist Chieu himself.

4412016 Art & Alchemy 14-8 (3)2016 Art & Alchemy 14-8 (6)




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