Mid Autumn Greetings 中秋节愉快

I was receiving so many Mid Autumn greetings that I felt that I needed to paint one to return all the kind wishes of my friends! Here is the first(on the left!) …and it brought about many interesting responses after I sent out to quite a few friends….. “Why did you paint a kingfisher?” “I…

A random collection of paintings

Here are a mix collection of some of my paintings…some after eating at cafes, some while preparing for my Chinese ink painting classes ….and some as digital greeting cards!  

Mid Autumn Festival at World Vision child sponsors gathering

I was invited to conduct a session for World Vision Singapore at their office as a child sponsor and also a practising social artist. While I do not think I can qualify as an acclaimed calligrapher and artist, I was happy to share the principles behind Chinese ink painting and also to teach the participants…

Teaching a gifted class..again!

I thot I was done with teaching highly competitive students in gifted class….but I was wrong….my highly competitive students in Chinese ink painting class not only challenged one another on how many homework pieces they have done but also try to outdo one another…..in setting high standards….    

A Class of its own

The seniors at BPMC Hokkien service were a diligent bunch and full of creativity…They were also thrifty and told me “老师!不必浪费纸!我们画好了。。。要去喝茶:)meaning Let us not waste any more papers, we are done and going to drink tea” ~ the older you get the more “chop chop” you are…and well there were also the very creative ones who…