A school with a difference – El Shaddai Learning Centre

It was a first for me to teach the students from El Shaddai Learning Centre how to paint in Chinese ink. These students were part of the refugee school started by Andrew Ng (https://youtu.be/APDKXhaoCRA)

What I found from my 3 days of teaching Chinese ink painting were that these students are extremely bright and eager to learn. Language was not a barrier and in fact many were motivated to do well to be selected as the final 10 for further training. Each day I have to disappoint many of them as I will select the best composition for the day.

For the first session, we started with writing the word “福” as a blessing to their families and all their loved ones. Then we went on to compose a simple painting with orchid leaves and flowers (兰), two rabbits and also a little doggie on the last day.

We started with 20+ students from age 10 onwards and then go on to select only 10 students who can be further trained in the finer skills involved in using Chinese ink and calligraphy. Despite their difference and lack of understanding of the Chinese language, the students were able to grasp the concepts well and started developing their brush strokes through some drills and simple picture composition.

We are in the midst of planning an exhibition in Sept 2017 and hopes to showcase their art pieces. Here is a sneak preview of the works of these students from Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and many more.

Sample of some of their works after the 2nd session

Reference Sites:

  1. MMK (http://www.mmkmalaysia.org/category/blogs/el-shaddai-ministries/)

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