A special moment

A chance encounter with two sweet young P6 girls when I was cycling to the Bukit Timah Hawker Centre taught me a few things.

It was one of those school projects that the girls embark on as part of their P6 project called “Values in Action(VIA)Project”. It started when two of them stopped me and ask if I have a moment to spare.


I was wondering if it was some survey they need help in. The educator in me always have a soft spot for students and seeing them looking so earnest, I decided to talk to them a bit more to find out what they wanted from me.

They were trying to advocate for a non profit organisation called Rare Disorders Society(Singapore) which aims to create awareness about various life threatening rare diseases including those that are yet to be diagnosed. Since it is about publicising I then ask if it will help if I publicise the society on FB with my friends.

“Sure.” They replied and giggled as they see my clumsiness in trying to take a wefie together with them holding their printed handouts.

After the pix taking, one of them told me that since I am publicising on FB, I should take a lighter color, “probably yellow!” as the words can be seen clearly!

So I got to know about this society and what it does through the pamphlet and the girls.

All the very best girls!

For more info on the society please go to http://www.rdss.org.sg

The pix are taken and posted with their sweet permission.

The two girls with their awareness campaign
All the best girls!
Lesson preparation on the go..with bike, book and drink








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