A revisit-Singapore Chinese Garden

A revisit to my childhood places when I started biking again in Nov.

The Singapore Chinese Garden is described as a tranquil patch of imperial China in the west of Singapore. Having passed by it countless times when I drove or take the MRT to Jurong, I decided to ride there with my new bike one Sunday morning.

Instead of the usual park route, I turned and rode from Bt Batok Town to Jurong via the Park Connector. Beautiful sights greeted me. Lotsa of happy tourists taking photos and a group of Indian nationals playing cricket near the MRT.

A quick turn from the road and I was into the park. The first sight that welcomed me was the 7-storeys Pagoda standing high and in front of the park was a whole series of statues of famous Chinese characters, Mencius, Yue Fei, Confucius etc

The tranquility was occasionally broken by laughter from different groups of friends. I helped to take photo for a Filippino couple who was posing with Confucius.

This park is designed by Taiwanese architect Prof. Yuen-chen Yu and built in 1975 with landscaping modelled after the northern Chinese imperial style particularly during the Sung dynasty period. The ‘Bai Hong Qiao’ bridge, for instance, follows the style of the 17-Arch Bridge at the Summer Palace in Beijing.

Following the path from the 7-storeys pagoda, I rode towards the west entrance where the signature twin pagodas were sighted. I have watched these twin pagodas from afar when I was taking the MRT to Jurong Point. Now standing right in front of me, I was happy to see the beautiful trees planted on the landscaped garden. From this viewpoint, I could see the various Jurong flats being mirrored on the lake.

Another road trail leads to the Bonsai Garden, a wonderful collection over a hundred beautifully-manicured bonsais imported from Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. I was awed by the various poses of the trees and took my bike into the Pavilion to take a closer look. While resting there, I met a couple from South Africa who is now based in Singapore. We chatted on how beautiful Africa was and little many of us know about the place. The only places I have been was Zambia, Lusaka and Johannesburg airport!

I did not have much time to visit other places as a friend asked if I wanted to have lunch. Feeling rather high, I told her I will cycle there to meet her at the kopitiam.

Till the next trip(s)!

Here are some of my pix and paintings inspired from the beautiful buildings over two trips to the Chinese Garden!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credit and information 

Your Singapore (http://www.yoursingapore.com/see-do-singapore/nature-wildlife/parks-gardens/chinese-garden.html)



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