The diligent students and their bio – Ms Evangeline Yeo (Visually impaired)

Ms Evangeline Yeo (Visually impaired)

My name Is Evangeline and I was born with low vision. Since young, I have always enjoyed learning new skills such as drawing etc. However, it was never satisfying. Someone ever commented that “my drawing is like a kid”. Through my previous workplace, “Dialogue in the Dark”, I was given the opportunity to learn Calligraphy. It was a dream come true as a few days before I was informed of this opportunity, I was actually thinking of learning something which is related to design.

As they say, there’s always a price to pay in whatever we want to achieve in life. But I always believed that if we put in the time, effort and use our hearts, we can always overcome any obstacles. I am blessed that I have a very patient teacher and very helpful classmates. They helped me by drawing the objects larger and used different techniques to help me understand the painting class. My approach to learning is to always to ask more questions, even minute details and listen to another’s opinion. Most of the times, I need to magnify the pictures many many times to see it better.  Through lotsa of practice, I managed to draw some paintings and I got positive feedback from my friends. It is also through the process of painting that I enjoy learnt to be more patient, see the funny side of life and to go with the flow.

In June 2015, we had our first art exhibition SG50: Art and Diversity at the Gallery@The Arts House. It was a good beginning and a wonderful learning experience and exposure for us. I managed to sell one of my paintings.

On another occasion this year, we were also invited to a interesting conversation with a German online radio broadcast entitled “shades of black – Chinese ink painting by visually impaired artists” to share our experiences.

Here are some ways that you may wish to view my paintings or to have a
chat with me.
– Instagram: yeo_evangeline
– Facebook:


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