A piece for Valentine Day’s event by Women of Vision 情人节2017

If you are wondering whether to get a gift for your beloved, do consider buying this calligraphic painting piece by Pin Lay, a social artist with Gallery@OURF who will be donating all the proceeds to children from ChiangMai World Vision community. Some information about the challenges faced by these children: (reference: https://myvision.worldvision.org.sg/campaign/love-is-the-reason-donation/)

  • 15% of youth suffer from addiction problems (e.g. to amphetamine, alcohol, etc.)
  • 10% of female youth were made pregnant as a result of engaging in pre-marital sex
  • 12% of youth display violent tendencies
  • 5% of youth reported being abused at home
  • 14% of youth dropped out of school
  • 4% of youth suffer from HIV/AIDS
  • 7% of children have been placed in orphanages as a result of their parents being sentenced to imprisonment for drug-related crimes, or passing away from HIV/AIDS


The meaning behind the painting:

  • Chinese ink on rice papers
    Silver frame with border

There are 9(九)roses, including the bud, representing an auspicious word in Chinese, 久, meaning everlasting and eternal and the roses are arranged such that two are bigger than the rest, a painting to signify that from two people, comes future generations of children. The rose can also represent the women from the Women of Vision, who decided to come together to make a difference to the lives of children and while it is still a budding organisation (the singular bud), we hope it will spin off many offsprings and bring about hope and love to the vulnerable children we are helping.

The word 恒 means eternal and it is the artist’s wish that the one who bought this painting will be blessed with eternal blessings of love!
All proceeds will go towards helping the vulnerable children from Chiangmai under World Vision.

Silent auction starts from an auspicious $488. You can do an online bidding at https://goo.gl/forms/QiweOtEqvqiG3EJj1


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