A calligraphy workshop for University of Sydney students from School of Health Sciences

A random wish of mine to conduct a calligraphy workshop while I am having a break at Sydney turned out to be true! 心想事成!

This workshop was arranged by the founder of the art club and the workshop was held in the school’s library. It is a bottoms-up approach and one that is initiated by the students. My one word of advice to the students: don’t over plan and be too stressed if things don’t follow your plan! Sometimes the unplanned itinerary can be a lot more exciting than the planned ones:)

It was an awesome learning and sharing session as some of the students had never held a brush before! The kind students also led me on a tour of the campus and despite the light drizzling, it was a most heartwarming afternoon as these graduate students (masters and bachelors) will one day go on to be our health care officers!

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