Painting classes for students from El Shaddai Learning Centre, Klang

This is my fourth visit to the school and this time round, I decided that the students can try to paint using art paper instead of rice papers as it was difficult for them to process the rice papers the last time around.

There 3 sessions were done over 3 afternoons from 8th to 10th June 2017. We even managed to get the brother of one of the girls to join in as he was accompanying her for all three days!

As we were planning to use these paintings and turn them into cards, I got my students to “re-paint” some of them again. The new challenge this time was to paint a pair of mother-daughter horses (or rather father and son horses) as part of Mother’s Day celebrations. Of course, my mischievous students told me it is to celebrate Friendship day!

The last day saw them painting hard and furious as I have told the class that I would have a prize for the best painting. I planned to give my journal book of my latest paintings to the best of them. When I saw how each painted so diligently and with so much heart (心画)I decided that everyone stands a chance to win this prize. So it was a lucky draw for them and the prize eventually went to the new recruit, Kinza’s brother who was very kind and sweet to sit through the first day to wait for her to finish class.

Kudos to all of them for their diligence!

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Class in action:

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  1. ecborgmy says:

    Reblogged this on ElShaddai Centre and commented:
    An article about an experience of a teacher who volunteered at ElShaddai school.

  2. ecborgmy says:

    Nice! Really impressed by what the students achieved. Thank you blessing others with your time and talent! Gavin

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