Reflection from a child sponsor about the upcoming exhibition “Mongolia: Affinity缘”

”Her ruddy cheeks caught my eye. The rest was history.
My affinity with Mongolia possibly started many years back at the Tree of Life event. Knowing that I would want to visit Mongolia someday, I chose to sponsor a child from this country.
It was years later that I visited the land of the steppes. Coming from an urban jungle, I relished our journey into the vast grasslands. We stayed in gers and rode on Bactrian camels under the blue sky.  As exotic our experiences were, what made my trip most meaningful was the chance to meet my sponsored child.
Her name is Mukhtuya and yes she still has ruddy cheeks. Both Mukhtuya and her mother greeted me with warm smiles.  I am humbled knowing that I have made a small contribution to her community.
Coming back to Singapore, I would like to do a bit more. Mongolia: Affinity gathers individuals from different walks of life, united in our common goal to do a bit more. Beyond the brushstrokes, we hope to share our stories with you.” – KN, volunteer and child sponsor with World Vision Singapore
What stories do you have about your sponsorship journey?
Join us and many other volunteers and friends to learn more about the community we are helping this coming Aug to Oct at NUSS Guild House Kent Ridge. 
For more details please go to:
See you on the 18th Aug 2017 for the opening!

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