Opening of Mongolia: Affinity 缘 Art Exhibition at NUSS, Kent Ridge

All thanks to God who graciously provided us with the resources to hold the art exhibition. The setup was done on Monday and the opening was at the NUSS Chill Lab on 18th August 2017, graced by His Excellency, Ambassador Mr George Tumur from Mongolia. We were also fortunate to have perfomances by our fellow volunteer and child sponsor, Ms Yee Ling who has stayed in Mongolia for the past 12 years. It was a grounds-up initiative with dances, heart-felt sharing by child sponsors Ms Cassie and Agnes about their journey as child sponsors. Thank you all for the labour of love – the contributing artists, the child sponsors, the trippers, the supporters and friends who came and contributed time, money and talent to make the Opening a success.

The journey started on the 18th January 2017 where at a gathering with friends to welcome YL back to Singapore, I was given a red packet as “seed money” for the exhibition. Another friend and volunteer, SE met me by chance at the NUSS gym to talk more about the exhibition using art and photography. SE is an avid photographer and we felt that it would be nice to showcase the beauty of Mongolian landscape through his lens.

The original plan was for both Wesley and Evangeline(my visually impaired students and aspiring artists too!) to do their own show at the NUSS Guild House while I planned another exhibition at a venue at Orchard Road. However, the time period given by the venue at Orchard Road was not suitable for us. We decided then that we should combine the two exhibitions as it would also save us time and money.

Once decided, I started trying to persuade my students to do paintings on Mongolia. All my students except one have not gone to Mongolia before. However, after thinking through they were game enough to try! Kudos to them. As the gallery at the Guild House were just outside a karaoke room, we were advised to use another venue for the Opening. Personally it was a dream come true for me(心想事成) to have friends and fellow volunteers attend the Opening with a nice place to sit down and relax.

This we did and the Opening was a cosy affair with friends and new friends (from the NUSS) who were there for a chill night coming on board as new child sponsors.

We have wanted our event to be an inclusive event right from the start and to use it as a platform for people to know about the joys of child sponsorship. We decided to take a step of faith and make the event into a non-ticketed event.

If you want to donate, bid for a painting or buy our calendars, journals or cards(all priced at $20), please go to the World Vision’s website

No amount is too small to help. We are grateful to all who journeyed with us in this exhibition. The exhibition will end on the 13th Oct 2017. 

To watch video clips of the dance performance and singing;

Here are some photos of the Opening and Setup:

Setting up the paintings on the 14th Aug 2017:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Preparation for Opening Night 18th Aug 2017:

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The Opening Night 18th Aug 2017 at NUSS Chill Lab, graced by His Excellency Mr George Tumur, Ambassador from Mongolia

All the participating artists with the Ambassador Mr George Tumur
Calendars – buy buy buy!!
My dear partners – the printing company LUXE!
Fellow child sponsors and volunteers, Cassie and Agnes
Our witty and multi-talented Cheh Hoon, founder of Women of Vision and Dialogue in the Dark!
A tender moment, as Mr George Tumur hears Evangeline’s story about her painting
Our talented Wesley who is sharing his story and how he was inspired to paint his two paintings! Read all about his story in this news article:

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