A wonderful read for the year

It was a chance encounter that a friend sent me a link to a YouTube video. Curious I went to listen to the YouTube and was hooked.

Another chance Watsapp by a friend revealed that this book was available for loan at NLB.

Whoa! I was really into ebooks and to be able to read it online and on loan anywhere and everywhere was just GREAT.

Many of his principles shared are from his personal experience decluttering.

One of the most memorable things I have read is that decluttering is a mindset change and minimalism is a journey….And not a competition.

There are many parallels with what he shared and Biblical values eg not hoarding, living in simplicity and at the present moment.

As a practitioner of minimalism he was honest in how that changed his lifestyle and how that energises him.

As 2017 comes to a close it is timely reminder to myself to make time for people and to build lasting relationships that are authentic.

Kudos to him for embarking of this journey of writing and for his many tips.

Here are some screenshots from the ebook loaned from NLB from the app I was reading from Libby.

Thanks to technology I read more now on the go:)


2 replies to “A wonderful read for the year

    1. Hi Joan
      Thanks much for the invite. I will take a look at the FB group. Not sure if I have time to join another watsapp group. Thanks so much for the offer. Here’s wishing you the best of days! Pin Lay

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