Neuroscience and Learning

An interesting take by Dr. Julia Sperling, a McKinsey Partner and neuroscientist debunks ‘neuromyths’ that have found their way into how we think about learning and leadership development. I have always been fascinated at how I took up Chinese ink painting at a late stage in my life(during my 40s) and how the fascination with…

Orchids (兰)


Xmas Trees and houses

I have always wanted to paint Xmas scene with snow and a random house or two. Here are two of my interpretations on instagram:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Don’t you love it..the end of year feeling? The time to relax and wind down. To take stock and think through what you have done and NOT done for the year? I love the cool air in Singapore at the end of the year. The rainy spells and dreamy days where many of my friends…