It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Don’t you love it..the end of year feeling? The time to relax and wind down. To take stock and think through what you have done and NOT done for the year?

I love the cool air in Singapore at the end of the year. The rainy spells and dreamy days where many of my friends are posting on FB what they are eating, where they are travelling and family greetings during Xmas and the New Year.

The 31st Dec was a rainy day and I stayed at home, happily tidying up my space and doing some reading and painting.

Here is my current read by Jody Picoult:

A fascinating journey into the “profoundly challenging yet essential con­cerns of our time: prejudice, race, and justice”. I am one third of the way through the e-book loaned on one of the best apps Libby by Overdrive (click here if you wish to download the app and read on the GO!) . I chanced upon this book while browsing for e-books to read on NLB’s portal. Imho, this app loads a whole lot faster than the NLB app and also Overdrive itself. Read more about Jody Picoult at her website at

Jodi Picoult - Small great things

Jodi Picoult – Small great things

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