Painting and Beading Lessons at El Shaddai Learning Centre (18-21 Mar)

It’s been a while since I last met the children. While wishing them a happy new year, one of my students asked “Teacher, when will we have our Chinese art classes?”

Oh no! It has been a while since I last met them and lazy me was just thinking of having a break. I managed to have a friend with me on this trip who was good with beading to come along too! This time round I decided that we can try “live” sketching and painting instead of Chinese ink painting as it might be easier to make their paintings into cards. A series of watsapp was sent just about a week ago with Principal Whye Ying to decide on what materials to buy. Thanks Principal for your dedication to helping the children!

It was great to meet three of my “repeat” students again. Two of them have amazingly started their art portfolios and brought them to show me :)Some were portraits, some drawn from their imagination as teenagers! One of them has grown so much taller compared to the last time I met them half a year ago!


There were new students this time round(a total of 30 plus students) and I even got sponsorship for the art materials from two of my colleagues. Thanks E and WL!

I was rather ambitious and wanted to teach them one point perspective and also do some “live” sketching and painting. However as the students were rather young, we have to make do without the live sketching as it took a while for them to learn “one point perspective” drawings and then apply some colors to their ink paintings.

All in, it was a good attempt by the two classes of students as some were as young as 9 years old! There were four winners (two from each class). The older girls were so enthusiastic that during the lunch break, three of the girls stayed back and asked me how to do ink and wash. It was just so motivating to see them wanting to learn during our limited time with them. What I appreciated most was their willingness to chip in with “Teacher, can I help to distribute the brushes?”, “Teacher, shall we put the rulers and pencils together?” and eventually helping me sweep and mop the floors!

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In between conducting the drawing/painting classes, I hopped over to the next class to take some snap shots of their beading efforts! Thanks Helena for your efforts and kudos girls for your attempts! Girls, may your dreams come true and may you live the abundant lives that Jesus promised in John 10:10.

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Of course, no trip to Klang will be complete without the good old Klang bak kut teh(which we had not just once but 2x!), chendol (old school style), nasi lemak(home cooked!) and hawker food! YUMMY!! Thanks Andrew, Oi Leng, Whye Ying and Muntoh for showing us what faith does:) To God be the glory!


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