Orchids (兰)


Farewell 2017, Welcome 2018

As the year draws to a close, what are your thoughts? If you are like me, you wonder what happened to those days, yes 365 of them, and why is it that 2017 fly by so quickly? As I venture into 2018, may I stay focused and remember to 留白 (make room) for the most…


An interpretation of the great wall of China….in Chinese ink #class preparation

Painting Daisies 雏菊

Many markets and florists in HDB heartland sells daisies as part of their daily offerings. I was often attracted by the beautiful small flowers and their vibrant colours. I decided to pick up two stalks and used them in my class to share how to paint daisies using real examples. Here is some info about…

Painting the Xmas tree

The first session started with the students learning how to paint an Xmas tree using Chinese ink brush strokes. Here are some of their works and pix.

Painting the snowmen!

A session on how to paint the snowmen for the students at El Shaddai Learning Centre, Klang.