Zombies have infested some of the most populous cities around the world. Your mission is to neutralize them. You have limited sorties and bombs.
This iPad app takes advantage of the portable large screen. The control comes in a pair, on left and right, so you can play naturally no matter left or right handed. The control pads can slide up and down the sides so as to adjust to your way of holding the iPad. And you can play it in landscape as well as portrait mode, you can even rotate while in play.
If you just like to go around bombing places, the app has a free bombing mode whereby you choose any place you want on the globe and start dropping bombs on it.
With iPad’s large and clear screen, you can make beautiful art on Mother Earth with your bombs.
This is a great way to learn some Geography concepts too.

Simple Group Chat

Simple Group Chat
Simple Group Chat

SGChat stands for Simple Group Chat. It is not just a chat app, it’s a game!

You get all the goodness of a regular texting app: no sms bills, unlimited messages, send pics and videos, etc.

You are not limited by one-to-one messaging. Enjoy the social aspect of a chat room with many friends at the same time. Create and edit groups in your friends list.

Plus, there are some interesting game aspects built into this messaging app. Ever regretted after sending a message? With this app, you can simply remove it! Your messages will be removed from the server as well as from all devices that have downloaded them! You can remove an annoying chatter and all his/her messages from a chat.

Run Zombie Run

Run Zombie Run
Run Zombie Run

Need an app to trace your running / jogging / hiking routes?
Wanna lose some weight using a fun method?
Need to get out of your couch and engage in some short fun activities outdoor?
Wanna appreciate how your environment looks like from the sky while having some simple fun?
Wanna experience some adrenalin rush and get your butt moving?
Wanna see yourself running around the neighborhood in real time?
Got some time to kill in between appointments?

For all these seemingly diverse and unrelated goals, you need only 1 app: “RunZombieRun”.
This is a simple game that gets you out there and start moving around physically. Your avatar in the game is controlled by your actual movement in the environment. You have to move your butt, not just your fingers.
Play in different places to enjoy different sceneries.
You will learn that the worst enemy is yourself. And once conquered, you can achieve great things!


OURF Apps is about what we do for Apple iPhone and iPad apps.

Here are some of our apps currently available in Apple App Store.

Uncover the flying objects in the clear blue sky (or the starry night sky) that elude the naked human eyes!

Do you believe in Extra-Terrestrial and the UFO? Ever look into the skies and wonder what is up there? Now you can always be at the right place at the right time.

With sCam UFO, you can easily snap a pic of the skies and spot a looming UFO! Turn yourself into a supernatural phenomenon hunter and convert your friends to true believers.