A brush with chinese ink@Kampung Temasek

It was the first time I combined chinese ink with a debriefing session using the “Knowing Me Knowing You” booklet and also Yong Tau Foo team scorecard. After a 2D1N stay at the rustic and scenic Kampung Temasek at Ulu Tiriam, JB where we did various activities like square foot gardening, outdoor cooking, building a raft and also pitching a busha, tying knots, it was my turn to wrap up the 2D1N session with the YTF tools with all the members.

The night before was the first time in many years I slept on a cold hard floor in the hut and windy as it is, the cacophony of bats, toads and other night creatures proved to be a different sort of experience for me. I realised that I am not such an outdoor person and as gunghu as some of my team members when a bat happily came into our hut.

Being a city folk, I went back to the safety of the attached bathroom and only came out after the bats left – when we accidentally discovered that switching off the lights made the bats exit! My two other hut mates were more adventurous and probably more at ease with these living creatures than me!

The de-brief was conducted in the cool shade of the big central shed and though all the members had never held a chinese ink brush before, they gamely joined in and tried to draw “Fu” or  “福” and also a picture of bamboo or “竹” despite just a brief lesson by me. As bamboo were used for building the shed and the make shift raft, I thought it make great sense to include how to draw them during the de-brief.

The de-brief was also a chance for the participants to give their input about what they think the rest of the members were – Chilli, Fishball, BeeHoon or Bittergourd, which traits stand out well during the 2D1N where they interacted!

Here are some pix of them during the activity:

Team Building with Animation

A session was conducted for about 20 teachers at Victoria Sec to see how team building skills (as in Yong Tau Foo team@) can be applied in working together for an animation project – “To create a bookworm” by Animagine, a local animation company which also did the highly successful NE Mation series for schools.

Participants were given hands-on session on how team strategies can help them deliver better outcomes and what to avoid when working in teams. The final animation product, a bookworm that slurps up his book!…mmm delicious
Here’re the pix, enjoy:)

2nd Preview at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves – Marina Bay Link Mall

It was a great and fun Sat morning. 7 adults and 2 kids. Seems that the previews are great for family outings too 🙂
My last preview I had youngest participant, Jeremy at 8 years old. This time round, the age limit was pushed to a 4 year old, Toon Toon. Did the young boy understand YTF?
3 adults who signed up fell sick and couldn’t make it last minute. A few were held up with work committments.
“Very casual yet engaging” is probably what summed up the feelings of those present. A couple of other feedback were useful for the product development too! Thanks folks for making time to come.

Pssst. The youngest participant still remains as Jeremy, 8 years old from HK-SIS. A precocious kid he is:)
The participants came from different industries and occupations – engineers, teacher, translator, education travel and system analyst for software.
Best part of all: get to drink good coffee and tea, nice cakes and yet learn about team strategies in a relaxed and fun manner. Work can be fun and should be fun!
Enjoy the pix.

One activity that we were doing...
One activity that we were doing...
Part of the group pix
Part of the group pix