Schedule of Classes at Studio@OURF 

  • Thursday class: 7pm to 9pm
  • Saturday class: 3-5pm

Venue: 26 Bt Batok East Ave 2 Hillview Regency


Journey In Ink 知己。墨。若悟 is a journey of self discovery where the students will be taught to learn the techniques of using Chinese ink and calligraphy to practise mindfulness. Students will learn techniques like ink dilution, executing brush strokes, learning from the masters and composition techniques.

This is an exploratory course where beginners can have a taste of Chinese ink and calligraphy without any knowledge of Mandarin or Chinese. The entire course will be conducted in English.

Journey in Ink  知己。墨。若悟 aims to encourage students to practise mindfulness using this gentle healing art as well as encourage them to cultivate the attributes of the 4 gentlemen 四君子 as espoused in most traditional Chinese ink paintings.

The students will be taught using a contemporary approach to Chinese ink and will have access to additional resources made available through Lesson Notes in Google drive which will be shared with them. These curated articles are placed in folders that will include History of Calligraphy, Tutorials, Lesson Notes and Learning from the Masters to help spark interest in Chinese ink and calligraphy and to promote further exploration. Students will be exposed to the different personalities in the Yong Tau Foo Team such as Fishball, BeeHoon, Bittergourd and Chilli and relate how these affect their painting and learning styles and be aware of the pitfalls of bad habits of each of these personalities.

Journey In Ink 知己。墨。若悟 is a course created by Chi Pin Lay 纪滨丽, an experienced educator with some 25 years of teaching who is also a practising artist, having sold more than 100 pieces of paintings since her debut exhibition under Gallery@OURF in 2013 to help raise funds for vunerable children under World Vision and other social causes. Pin Lay is an Associate Lecturer with Republic Polytechnic Centre for Educational Development, an ACTA certified professional and a CET trainer with RP for Teaching with Technology, Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Learning.  She co-founded OURF Consultancy LLP. She has taught in various schools including Nanyang Girls’ High School, St. Joseph’s Insitution and done both corporate and school training under OURF.  (

Pin Lay’s solo ink exhibition Journey In Ink 知己。墨。若悟 was covered by LianHe ZaoBao联合早报 on 31st Jul 2014.

Journey In Ink  知己。墨。若悟 modules have been taught to educators, kindergarten school teachers, working adults and also the visually impaired at Dialogue in the Dark, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pin Lay’s paintings and artworks have been sold in Singapore Botanic Gardens (2014), The Arts House(2015). For a detailed resume on art go to

Learning Objectives:

  1. 1. To develop visual art skills in using the Chinese ink brush and rice papers
  2. To learn from the rich history of famous calligraphers and recognise the different types of calligraphic forms
  3. To practise mindfulness while executing the brush strokes
  4. To use a multi-sensory approach to the teaching of Chinese ink and Calligraphy
  5. To develop good observation skills
  6. To develop patience and perseverance in character building

Format of lessons (5Es)

1) Engagement: In this phase, students will be asked to share their prior knowledge on the subject. This phase can be done through either some quick questions or using Chinese ink instruments eg ink, ink well, brushes etc

2) Exploration: In this phase, students will get to explore and paint using Chinese ink painting techniques.This forms the bulk of the lesson.

3) Explanation: Feedback will be given at the end of the exploration phase where students will exhibit their work and share some of their difficulties in executing the strokes or composition.

4) Extension: Further reading, watching of video clips and self practise

5) Evaluation: A simple self evaluation and also peer to peer evaluation can be done after two lessons. After a series of lessons(probably a year), students will be encouraged to put up an exhibition of their works.  

A proposed approach will be to incorporate calligraphy writing once within every 4 lessons so that the students get a chance to write and practise strokes together with a painting.

Feedback from participants:

“Pin Lay taught the Visually Impaired (VI) staff from Dialogue in the Dark Singapore, for Chinese Ink Painting lessons in 2015. She was a dedicated teacher, she was able to adjust her teaching to suit the students and slow down her pace to ensure our VI staff could understand the art.  She was very innovative, using different materials such as clay to help our VI staff to ‘visualise’ the art form. All in all, Pin Lay is indeed a social artist with the heart to help the marginalised community, and she is an inspiring teacher for many.” – LAI Sing Yee (Miss),

Planning & Ops Executive  |  Dialogue in the Dark Singapore, Social Lab Ltd

“Pin Lay’s teaching is transformational and inspiring. She challenged herself to teach different backgrounds such as the Visually Impaired and some of the interns, including me, which contributed to an inclusive learning environment as all students felt equally valued. Her incredible patience and encouragement made a difference for us to be more motivated to work harder and trust ourselves as unique artists with our own individuality and expression.” – Toh Ci Hui, Dialogue in the Dark Intern 2015 and current student of Journey In Ink class

“Teacher Pin Lay has a generous heart for her students.  Begin with a big and yet achievable end goal in mind, she prepares her teaching materials in great details and depth, so that her students have the right knowledge and skills t o achieve the clear and fulfilling outcome.  During the lessons, not only she makes sure we get the foundational skills right, she also shares with us the history behind the strokes, the paintings, and the artists, she hopes her students can humbly learn from these famous artists, and yet project our own mood and style onto the paintings.’ – Jenny Ng, Associate lecturer(RP) and current student of Journey In Ink class

“Pin Lay Laoshi has many good attribute that we as students can learn from that what she teaches is more than just learning painting. Through lessons that we have learnt from her, I can tell that she is someone who is really passionate and enthusiastic for our lessons. Whenever I have any issues or questions, she will always patiently explained and figure out new methods of teaching for us to draw better. She makes an effort for our class to be more inclusive for the blind to work together with the sighted classmates. With no doubts, I will definitely recommend anyone who wish to learn painting to learn from her.” – Evangeline Yeo, Visually impaired student from Dialogue in the Dark and also a current student of Journey In Ink class

“Lessons conducted by Ms Chi, is about art and more. I have a better understanding of my personality through her chinese ink art exercises. Her lessons are easy to comprehend and she would critic my pieces at the end of the day. Highlighting the good points exhibited and suggesting areas of improvement for the next piece.” – Nicholas Hong, Engineer

“A very interesting and interactive session. You gave us lots of practical examples from your own experiences. The hands-on sessions were very fun, enjoyable and meaningful. This keeps us awake all the time.” – Jing Shan Primary School Teacher


“Pin Lay was introduced to me as an artist who painted for charity and whose work had a keen following.  She kindly agreed to donate a painting for auction at our fundraiser at Eden Hall in September 2014.  I was most pleasantly surprised that she had composed a painting specifically for our cause, one which was especially meaningful and came with an artist statement.  She also donated a smaller piece. She is an artist who not only paints with tremendous love and passion for art but she also paints with great compassion.  Her work blends the Chinese ink and brush medium with contemporary subjects  and her paintings are now recognizable with her signature style.  We are grateful to Pin Lay for helping to make our event so successful.” – Shirley Low, Member of the Board of Governors, Singapore National Paralympic Council Ltd.

“A passionate educator and budding artist, Pin Lay has been an inspiring supporter since 2009. Pin Lay is also a person of excellence and outdoes herself at every project she has had for World Vision. She is wholeheartedly committed to helping the world’s poorest children through World Vision.” – Foo Pek Hong CEO World Vision International

“Pin Lay’s art comes from deep within her, a space filled compassion for the underprivileged, respect for humanity, and love for her roots and heritage. I’m honoured to be taught by her in school, and I continue to learn from her dedication to using her art to make the world a better place.” – Terence QUEK, CEO, Emergenetics International-Asia and Co-founder, Project Happy Feet

Ms Chi Pin Lay was Dean/Marketing and Technology when I was Principal of Nanyang Girls’High School (2002 – 2006). Ms Chi took charge of a number of key areas such as the school’s ICT hardware provision, technology integration into the curriculum, promotion efforts in terms of admissions into secondary one and public perception.  She had always travelled extensively with me and other colleagues to China, Indonesia and Vietnam for scholar recruitment.  Ms Chi was always game for new challenges.  Her organized study trips to Silicon Valley received very positive feedback from the students.Over the last few years, Ms Chi has continued to travel to different parts of the world for different projects and met many different people.  I am sure that her ability to manage diversity and adversity has been further sharpened. Ms Chi  has good PR skills and was well liked by the students and colleagues in NYGH.  She was an independent, reliable and motivated team player who always brought out the best in others.  One can always be assured that her output is of good quality.  Ms Chi will always be an invaluable asset to any organization.” – Mdm Mak Lai Ying, Principal, St Anthony’s Canossian Convent.