CNY 2019

A commissioned piece for CNY 2019! May you have a fantastic year. Btw did you see the little pig in the composition? This piece is fresh from the painting table and sent for framing today! Have a wonderful lunar year of the pig! #oinkoink

路是人走出來的! U make your own path

Sometimes we may wonder if we are doing the right thing at the right time…I often felt like this when I was running my own business and wonder if I should go back to a regular education institution. After 10 years away from school and a good 5 exhibitions later I was ready to go…

Xmas painting at J8 with Women of Vision

It was a fun session engaging the children and seeing how they paint squirrels with Xmas tree using Chinese ink and art paper. The session was part of the advocacy programme for Women of Vision for World Vision’s Xmas programme. 

Auction for a cause

It was a happy evening for me to see four of may commissioned paintings auctioned off during St Patrick’s School anniversary dinner. Funds raised goes towards the homeless who stayed near brothers’ quarters. As I was jokingly telling a friend, thank God all got sold and auctioned off for a good price:) else I will…