About Gallery@OURF

Gallery@OURF was founded in 2009 as a social initiative by OURF. It was founded by Pin Lay, a social artist and educator in little red dot. Pin Lay hopes to use her talents for art and technology to help make the world a little better. Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” – John 10:10.

Since 2013, Gallery@OURF has been blessed with many volunteers and friends who believed in the vision of using arts for a better world. Their lives have been enriched through walking this journey together as volunteers and putting their different gifts and talents as a team to help bring about a better world.

About Pin Lay

Short pdf summary of my CV

Chi Pin Lay 紀濱麗 is a social artist and educator in the little red dot, Singapore. Her paintings and artworks have been sold in Singapore Botanics Gardens (2014) and The Arts House (2014,15). She has sold more than 120 paintings and counting since her exhibitions in 2013. Pin Lay’s paintings and artworks have travelled to Bhutan, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Seoul(Korea), South Hebron, Sydney(Australia) and Zambia. 

She is grateful to her late maternal grandfather Mr Gan Tiong Huat, the adopted son of Mr Gan Eng Seng for giving her the artistic genes. She hopes to walk in the footsteps of her great grandfather, Mr Gan Eng Seng, a pioneer and philanthropist of Singapore, who amongst many other contributions, built a bilingual school for poor children in 1885.


Commissioned work:

  • 2013, Calligraphy for Alicia
  • 2014, Calligraphy paintings for Singapore National Paralympic Council
  • 2014, Calligraphy paintings for St Patrick’s School,
  • 2014, Calligraphy paintings for Lee Kong Chian, School of Business, Singapore Management University
  • 2017, Calligraphy 福 for Katong i12 CNY theme decorations
  • 2017, Calligraphy painting for Tang Teahouse Changi Village
  • 2017, Calligraphy painting for Women of Vision’s event, Love is the Reason (Valentine Day’s special)
  • 2017, Calligraphy paintings for Hope Church Singapore
  • 2018, Calligraphy paintings for Singapore International Mediation Centre 
  • 2018, Calligraphy on 1 Cor 13: 4-7 for Faith Wong
  • 2018, Calligraphy painting for DIOS Asset Management 
  • 2018, Auction of 4 paintings for St Patrick’s school 85th anniversary.
  • 2018, Calligraphy paintings for various private clients

Social Initiatives of Gallery@OURF

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