Err…What is DSA-Secondary?

Good news parents! If your child is going to P6 in 2012, there is the DSA-Secondary that you may want to consider to help him/her get into a secondary school of choice.

What is DSA-Secondary? DSA-Secondary means direct school admission for Primary 6 students going to Sec 1 the following year.

It is an admission exercise to allow participating secondary schools to admit selected students to Secondary 1 based on their achievements and talents before the PSLE results are released.

More and more secondary schools are having DSA for incoming batches for P6 students. The DSA-Sec is to help give students a chance to go to their secondary school based on their interest, talents and achievements (besides PSLE results).

Typically the exercise starts from June to late Nov. For 2011, the 3 stages are from 27 June 2011 to late Nov 2011.

There is a list of schools who can admit students under the DSA-Secondary niche areas of the schools. So, start preparing now…for 2012! All the best:)
Attached a pix taken from Ministry of Education’s website.

A list of schools under DSA-Secondary

Source: Ministry of Education, Singapore

Useful links:
List of participating Secondary Schools for 2011

DSA-Secondary information

Flow Chart of stages in 2011 DSA admission exercises

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