How do I know which school to choose for my child?

MOE Excel Fest 2011
MOE Excel Fest 2011

MOE Excel Fest is an annual showcase by K12 schools in Singapore – the best time for parents interested to find out more about the schools of choice for their children. It is typically a 2 Day event, with one day open to the public.

This is your best chance to talk to the teachers, students and know what is the offering each school has for your child. The venue is usually at a central location like Suntec Convention Hall though there are some years where it is held in local schools.

Schools with the latest innovation and best practices will be there to share. So do drop by with your children. There are lots of games to be played and of course, not forgetting the many souvenirs. Even as a veteran educator, I have been amazed at the many many confident children I have come across who tried to “sell” their schools to me.

I have also done presentations when I was at Nanyang Girls’ High and it is a good start for parents to feel the buzz in schools without having to spend a cent!

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MOE Excel Fest 2011
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